Acquisition of Documents
The acquisition of long-term immigration documents is carried out through one of the
two processes established for such purposes by the National Immigration Institute,  
Entry Permit and  Change of immigration characteristic.

Change of migratory characteristic
Visas & Immigration Documents
Long-term Immigration documents
Non-Immigrants & Immigrants
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This process must be initiated at the Interior
Service, in order to obtain a foreign
national’s authorization to live in  Mexico, under
the non-immigrant or immigrant status
in any of its characteristics.

This applies to any nationality and proceeds when
the foreign national is in Mexico bearing an FMM
immigration document and plans to extend his/her
stay in the country for over 180 days, under the
non-immigrant or immigrant status.

The process authorizes the foreign national’s
change of status in order to continue performing
the same activities originally authorized or
additional ones, provided that he/she meets the
requirements to obtain the requested immigration
status and characteristic, established by the INM.
As long as the definitive resolution regarding the new status is not given, the foreign
national may not start or carry out the new activity under any circumstances.

As long as the definitive resolution regarding the new status is not given, the foreign
national shall keep his/her original status.
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