The 80% of the Immigration documents we obtain are under the temporal resident

Documentation: Temporal Resident (photo ID)
Expiration:         1 up to 4 years
Extension:          Up to four renewals

To notify the National Institute of Immigration about any change on such status, i.e.
Change of activity, change of employer, change of marital status, nationality, etc.

  • Multiple entries and exits from the country.
  • Right to import a foreign automobile free of permanent import tax charges.
  • If the foreign national is out of the country, he/she may request an extension
    upon his/her return regardless if the documentation has expired; therefore
    he/she shall have a 50 day term as from his/her residence expiration date.
  • He/she may perform additional activities other than those expressly authorized,
    provided that he/she obtains the corresponding permit from Immigration.
  • He/she may obtain securities and fixed or variable income securities, shares and
    stocks, assets for undertaking corporate activities and the like, make bank
    deposits, acquire urban and rustic real estate with actual rights on them, as well
    as fiduciary rights, pursuant Article 27 of the Political Constitution of the United
    Mexican States, the Foreign Investment Law, and other applicable laws and
    provisions, as well as international agreements where Mexico participates, without
    a permit from Immigration.
It refers to the immigration status of foreign nationals who enter the country with a
permit from the Government Secretary (Ministry of the Interior) in order to live or stay in  
Mexico on a temporary basis.
Temporal Resident (Status)
Visas & Immigration Documents
As part of our services, we will identify your current immigration status in order to offer you the best option for your Mexican visa or long term
immigration document in Mexico. Our Immigration & Naturalization Attorneys, are people with more than 10-year experience on the field,  
attaining visas and immigration documents for Foreign Nationals from all over the world under all the immigration modalities and characteristics.
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* Family members in each category will be entitled to apply for a Temporal residence as well.
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