Documentation:        Resident (Photo ID)
Expiration:                 N/A (indefinite)
Extensions:               N/A (indefinite)


  • To notify Instituto Nacional de Migración any status change, e.g. professional
    activity, employer, marital status, nationality, etc.  Notification to I.N.M. is for
    informational purposes only and not for seeking authorization thereof.

  • Total period of continuous absence from Mexico may be three continuous years.
  • Total period of continuous absence from Mexico may be five continuous years
    within a period of ten years.
  • Foreign national may perform additional professional activities without requesting
  • Foreign national may obtain securities and fixed or variable income securities,
    shares and stocks, assets to undertake corporate activities and the like, make
    bank deposits, purchase urban and countryside realty with property as well as
    fiduciary rights pursuant to Article 27 of the Political Constitution of the United
    Mexican States, Foreign Investment Law, and other applicable laws and
    provisions, as well as international agreements where Mexico participates, without
    a permit from I.N.M.
It refers to the expressed declaration by the Ministry of the Interior, through the INM,
indicating that a foreign national has been granted the resident status, and thus, the
permanent residence rights in the country.
Permanent Resident (Status)
Visas & Immigration Documents
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