Foreign nationals in Mexico may stay within the National Territory under one of the
following status:

  • Visitor
  • Temporary Resident
  • Permanent Resident

Visitors will be divided as follows:

1.- Visitor Visa without Permission to Engage in Lucrative Activities

This visa will be issued for those non-Mexicans interested in being in the country for no
more than 180 days.

This visa may be granted for up to ten years. The applicant may be granted this visa if
they can demonstrate one or more of the following circumstances:

• They have sufficient economic solvency

• They are a frequent traveler to Mexico

• They are a researcher, scientist, humanist, artist, athlete, prestigious journalist
(national or international) or are another type of promiment person

• They are the spouse, concubine or equivalent, child, parent or sibling of a Mexican or
a temporary or permanent resident, but are not intending to reside in the country

• They are the spouse, concubine or equivalent, child, parent or sibling of a diplomatic
or consular official accredited in Mexico who are ordinary passport holders

• Being a supervisor of a foreign company with a subsidiary in the country or executive
staff of subsidiaries or sales offices of Mexican companies abroad

A non-Mexican who obtains this visa may request the issuance of the same for their
spouse, concubine or equivalent and their children, if the children or adolescents are
under their legal custody or if they are over-age but still in their legal custody. In this
case, the applicant must prove the relationship and they must also prove that they have
sufficient economic solvency to support those dependents, and that they are frequent

2.- Visitor visa with permission to engage in lucrative activities

This visa will be issued for those non-Mexicans interested in doing business in Mexico
for no more than 180 days. The individuals or legally-established corporations in the
country who want to give a job to a non-Mexican may submit an application for a
specific person to perform a specific job. They must provide the following information:

• Proof of an employer registration record issued by the Instituto Nacional de Migración
• The name and nationality of the non-Mexican
• The position he or she will perform for the company
• The amount of compensation for this position and this person
• The duration of the job
• The address of the workplace
• Proof of ability to pay for his/her travel

Immigration authorities may conduct verification visits to the workplace to check the
veracity of the job, the existence of the petitioner or any other information presented in
the application. Upon approval, the visa issues will allow the person performing the job
to engage in activities for pay and will be for the duration of the position as stated in the
3.- Visitante regional.

4.- Visitante trabajador fronterizo.

5.- Visitante por razones humanitarias.

6.- Visitor Visa For Adoption
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