Questionnaire for Employee
Personal information
Firts name or given name(s)
Last name or surname(s):
(This field for those with an unhyphenated second last name, most Northamericans
do not express last name in this way)
Birth date:
Birth place: (City / State)

Physical Description.
Physical constitution:
Special peculiarities:
Distinguishing features or marks
Supplementary data
Native languaje:
Do you speak spanish?:
Profession or highest level
of schooling completed:
Knowledge specialty:
Number of children?:
Passport official number:
Date of issuance:
Expiration date:
Note: Please verify that your passport has more than 6 months of validity.
City of issuance:
Do you have a US valid visa? (In case):
Are you a permanent resident of the United States, Canada, Japan,
United Kingdom or Schengen area.
Do you have a Mexican visa at this time?
Expiration date (In case):
Labor information
Which will be your first labor day in Mexico:
Official name of the Mexican company:
Future Position or previous authorized activity :
Describe 5 activities that you´ll be developing in your new assignation:
1.- Administration of the tool room and quality department at the Salamanca project
2.- Human resources and training manager at the Acapulco facilities
Mexican State in which you´ll be working:
Monthly salary in Mexican Pesos:
Which company will pay your salary:
Lenght of your contract (months):
Person of contact at the company:
Name of the legal representative
(Person who will sign your application
ID of the legal representative:
See some examples (a new window will be open)
Years of work experience in Mexico: (in case)
Employment data in your country of residence
Primary ocupation:
Work, study, home, retired/pensioned, minister, unemployed
Industry or field of employment:
Farming, mining, oil, electricity, gas & water, construction,
manufacturing (food processing, furniture, machines, appliances,
electrical/computer, textiles, chemical industry, etc.), Trade/sales,
transportation, warehousing, Information/Mass media (all, e.g.
editing print publications, film, TV, telephone, Internet providers,
etc.) Educational services, health and social, personal/other
services, government activities, International agencies, other
Employment status:
(employee or worker, laborer, self-employed, unpaid work in family
business or farm, other)
Job title:
Monthly income in MXP:
Place of residence
Country of residence:
(From which you are emigrating to Mexico)
Character of hometown:
Hometown or city:
State, province, department or district
Municipality, county or neighborhood
(if applicable)
  • The questionnaires for your spouse and children´s can also be found once that you sent this one.
  • Please ask one of our representatives if  your diploma will be needed for your application and the
    requirements for it´s apostille or legalization.
information  for
process in Mexico.